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Our instant, online booking service is fast, convenient and secure. We keep availability on Kensington hotels up to the minute so you can book your hotel in Kensington online with complete confidence. You may book as many rooms as you like for any dates that you need. Once you have made your reservation, you will receive confirmation by email with the hotel details and directions - all you need to do is turn up.

You can select the Kensington hotel you are interested in by searching from the home page. Select the dates you wish to stay for and the number of nights and click the 'book it' button. You can then go on to choose your rooms. You'll also need to provide us with your contact information and credit card details. Credit card details are required as a guarantee - your card is not charged until you finish your stay at the hotel.

How to cancel a reservation

To cancel a reservation in Kensington you need to return to the hotel booking page (Search from the home page). This is the page which contains pictures and descriptions of the hotel you have booked. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the 'How to Book and Cancel' button. All you need to do is then enter your email address - you will then be shown your current bookings in Kensington. To cancel a booking follow the simple instructions. This will inform us of the cancellation, and send you a confirmation email. Please note a cancellation charge may apply, depending on how far in advance you make the cancellation.

Hotel Ratings Explained

The star and diamond ratings reflect the level of service and facilities that you can expect. Hotels and guest houses must meet specific standards which get progressively higher as they move up the scale from one to five.

- RAC Star Rating
- AA Star Rating
- English Tourist Board Rating

Hotel Ratings:-

1 Star - Simple accommodation with limited facilities and services. A high standard of cleanliness throughout. A restaurant/eating area and at least 75% of bedrooms will have en-suite or private facilities.

2 Star - More facilities in bedrooms, with en-suite/private bathroom and a colour TV. Restaurant/eating area for breakfast and dinner. A lift is normally available

3 Star - Standards are higher again with facilities including larger public areas and bedrooms, a receptionist, room service, laundry.

4 Star - Accommodation offering superior comfort and quality. All bedrooms with en-suite bath, shower and WC. Spacious and well appointed public areas. Room service for all meals and 24 hour drinks, refreshments and snacks. Dry cleaning service available. More emphasis on food and drink. Excellent customer service.

5 Star - Spacious and luxurious establishment offering the highest international quality of accommodation, facilities, services and cuisine. There will be a range of extra facilities. You will feel very well cared for by professional, attentive staff providing flawless guest services.

Guest Accommodation Ratings:-

1 Diamond - Clean and comfortable accommodation with functional decor. A full cooked or continental breakfast.

2 Diamond - As above but with a good overall level of quality and customer care in all areas.

3 Diamond - A better overall level of quality. A good choice of quality items available for breakfast. Any other meals provided will be freshly cooked. Increased levels of customer care.

4 Diamond - Further improved levels of quality in all areas showing good levels of attention to customer needs.

5 Diamond - Excellent overall levels of quality and service with ample room and a degree of luxury. Breakfast will offer a wide choice of high quality, fresh ingredients. Other meals where provided, will include fresh, seasonal local ingredients. Excellent levels of customer care anticipating customer needs.

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